Congratulations on your death! 🥂

Your new life will begin shortly, but first we have something important to take care of.
When you signed up to LYMBO™, you agreed to have your consciousness uploaded several days before you died. As such, you don’t have any memory of the conditions surrounding your death.

We assure you, this is perfectly normal.
To ensure a smooth transition, we’re going to ask you some questions to help imagine your perfect death and create new memories of your passing.

What were the last few days of your life like? How did it feel towards the end? Who was there with you?

These are the kinds of questions you’ll be asked.
Please note: in whatever scenario you create, it’s important to remember that you were aware that death was imminent.

With that in mind, do your best to make the memories of your last few days as ideal as possible.
Let's begin